Privacy Policy (Webpage)

1. Our website and are one in the same and are re-directed to each other at our discretion as enabled by our hoster Go Daddy.  The Terms and Conditions listed here govern both websites.

2. Our overall privacy policy around information captured, stored or used (including cookies, emails, tracking, ads, communications, storage, data handling etc.) is governed by the privacy policy shown here --> This aforementioned link in point #2 is Jump Carolinas, LLC's webpage official policy and it supersedes any other policy displayed, written or orally communicated around your privacy and/or information use, storage and/or handling, including any additional privacy related content on this Privacy page or our website.

3. Jump Carolinas, LLC is a local Business in the USA, based out of Charlotte NC.  If you are a European visitor please visit the link above in #2 to understand the Attestation around GDPR and EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield by our hoster.

4. You or anyone/anything accessing this page has the right to close the browser and discontinue use of this website at any time.

Privacy Policy (Facility)

1. Jump Carolinas, LLC is a local Business in the USA, based out of Charlotte NC. No one at Jump Carolinas, LLC, its affiliates, trainers or health partners will share, sell, or give away any of your information collected on the site nor our sign in sheets.

2. We use the data collected (emails, names, phone numbers) exclusively to market our products and services to you as they pertain to health, fitness and wellness. This may include but is not limited to email correspondences, newsletters, snail mail, phone calls, texts or direct webpage ads.

3. Your image, name or likeness or references to you, your name, your image, your person, your company or likeness as a customer or potential customer can be used on the site, email communications or newsletter particularly and especially if you train (or have trained) at our facility. Permission is always verbally confirmed prior.

4. If there are any concerns around the usage of your data, image, PII please feel free to contact us directly at Our typical response time is within 48 hours. Please detail in the subject line "Privacy Question."  We would be very happy to help.

5. You have the right to chose not to partake in customer activities (Workouts, Dance, Nutritional coaching) at Jump Carolinas. All signed Contracts will have financial obligations fulfilled through the term of the contract listed at the time of signature.

Jump Carolinas prides itself on being a very secure and private heatlh and wellness business. There is no question/concern big or small we would not be happy to address to your satisfaction.